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 (kro͝ok′shăngk′), George 1792-1878.
British caricaturist and illustrator of the works of Charles Dickens and other novelists.


(Biography) George. 1792–1878, English illustrator and caricaturist



George, 1792–1878, English illustrator, caricaturist, and painter.
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There was Gill o' the Red Cap, the Sheriff's own head archer, and Diccon Cruikshank of Lincoln Town, and Adam o' the Dell, a man of Tamworth, of threescore years and more, yet hale and lusty still, who in his time had shot in the famous match at Woodstock, and had there beaten that renowned archer, Clym o' the Clough.
These six men were Gilbert o' the Red Cap, Adam o' the Dell, Diccon Cruikshank, William o' Leslie, Hubert o' Cloud, and Swithin o' Hertford.
The racial element was removed during the trial Cruikshank, from The racial element was removed during the trial and Cruikshank, from Galashiels, pled guilty.
Cruikshank, a former CEO of Halliburton (NYSE:HAL), as a strategic advisor to the company.
David Cruikshank, who has been appointed market segment leader for the company's Corporate and Public Finance clients.
Presenter Dan Cruikshank This summer, in an extraordinary feat of logistics, most of the 240 paintings were temporarily returned on loan to Houghton Hall where they are on exhibition until late November.
Brand co-founders, Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank are excited to stay on board with the new management team to assist in taking the brand to new levels in the Outdoor and Travel Goods Industries.
Victim Robert Cruikshank was out in Newcastle with pals, including one who had a distinctive haircut.
Cruikshank has persevered during his senior season after being stricken with Lyme disease, which he contracted during the spring of his junior season.
British singer Pixie Lott has made her film debut alongside self-made YouTube sensation Lucas Cruikshank, otherwise known as Fred.
CAST: Lucas Cruikshank, Pixie Lott, Jake Weary PLOT: Fred Figglehorn (Cruiskhank) is an intensely annoying high school student with a high-pitched, whiney voice.