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 (kro͝ok′shăngk′), George 1792-1878.
British caricaturist and illustrator of the works of Charles Dickens and other novelists.


(Biography) George. 1792–1878, English illustrator and caricaturist



George, 1792–1878, English illustrator, caricaturist, and painter.
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There was Gill o' the Red Cap, the Sheriff's own head archer, and Diccon Cruikshank of Lincoln Town, and Adam o' the Dell, a man of Tamworth, of threescore years and more, yet hale and lusty still, who in his time had shot in the famous match at Woodstock, and had there beaten that renowned archer, Clym o' the Clough.
These six men were Gilbert o' the Red Cap, Adam o' the Dell, Diccon Cruikshank, William o' Leslie, Hubert o' Cloud, and Swithin o' Hertford.
I know I've definitely improved because I PR'd," Cruikshank said.
Centre Cory Morgan attacked along the left flank before driving to the net and beat Cruikshank from extremely close range, the puck travelling beneath the netminder's body.
Andrew Cruikshank, 52, of Holmfirth was taken to Leeds General Infirmary following an altercation at a house in Stone Fold, Honley, round the back of Honley Ambulance Station on Sunday night.
BNY Mellon has appointed David Cruikshank as chairman of its Asia Pacific region, succeeding Stephen Lackey, who will take on the vice chairmanship of the company's Pennsylvania region in addition to a new strategic client management role within the global client management group, the company said.
In June 2014, Douglas Cruikshank and Chelsea Lambie, then 39 and 18, were jailed for the bacon attack on the mosque the previous January.
No wonder Cruikshank, star of the Fred Figglehorn videos, always sounded like he sucked a helium balloon: There's no better way to disguise those puberty-induced voice cracks.
Cruikshank attacks Richard Carlile, who, because he was publishing Paine's Theological Works in 1819, had brought him back to life, but Haywood comments: "Had there been a more rigorous campaign of anti-infidel visual propaganda, Cruikshank could be implying, perhaps Paine's spirit would not have returned" (115).
Douglas Cruikshank, 39, and Chelsea Lambie, 18, threw bacon at the window of Edinburgh's Central Mosque and wrapped the meat around door handles on January 31 last year.
Cruikshank, a former CEO of Halliburton (NYSE:HAL), as a strategic advisor to the company.