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 (kro͞o-zăn′, kro͞o′zăn)
A native or inhabitant of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

[From American Spanish Santa Cruz, St. Croix.]

Cru′zan adj.


(kruˈzæn, ˈkru zæn)

a native or inhabitant of St. Croix.
[1955–60; < American Spanish (Santa) Cruz St. Croix + -an1]
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During the Washington press conference, Christy Cruzan White - whose sister, Nancy, was kept alive by feeding tubes for seven years - said one of the greatest gifts a person can give loved ones would be to take responsibility by preparing an advance directive.
Among speakers were Julia and Joseph Quinlan of New Jersey, parents of Karen Ann Quinlan; Joe Cruzan and Christy Cruzan White of Missouri, father and sister of Nancy Cruzan; Patricia Brophy of Massachusetts, widow of Paul Brophy; and Julie Chase Delio of New York, widow of Daniel Delio.
Special, limited obligations of VIPFA payable from and secured by a pledge of and lien on the trust estate of each respective indenture, primarily matching fund revenues associated with the Cruzan and Diageo facilities.
Lake Austin - Midori, Pinnacle Vodka, Cruzan Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice, Floater of Hideous
com has sponsored the first ever "Party Deck" at the Cruzan Amphitheatre.
Hands-down the most popular drink is the Island Mai Tai, made with Cruzan Dark Rum, Curacao, orgeat and pineapple and lime juices, garnished with a cherry, pineapple wedge and a parasol.
US Bank (NYSE: USB), which has 81 branches and over 1,670 employees in the Chicago area, has said that it has named Marsha Cruzan to the position of market president for US Bank in Chicago.
John deJongh said government has sold US$39 million in revenue bonds to finance a wastewater plant at Cruzan Rum's distillery, reports AP (Dec.
Beam Global Spirits & Wine has expanded its ready-to-drink Cocktail Cube product line with the introduction of new flavors from Sauza Tequila and Cruzan Rum.
The V & S product range includes brands such as Cruzan rum, Plymouth gin, several Scandinavian aquavits and hundreds of wines.
The move was made to accommodate the growing 50+ person staff resulting from acquisition of Cruzan Rum and FRIS Vodka to the Absolut portfolio, according to Jeffery Moran, director of public relations at Absolut.
The right-to-die debate is once again tackled; this time by a lawyer who represented Nancy Cruzan in the first right- to-die case heard by the Supreme Court.