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A protozoan of the genus Cryptosporidium that is an intestinal parasite in humans and other vertebrates and sometimes causes diarrhea that is especially severe in immunocompromised people.

[New Latin Cryptosporidium, genus name : crypt(o)- + spor(o)- + Latin -idium, diminutive suff. (from Greek -idion).]


(Microbiology) any parasitic sporozoan protozoan of the genus Cryptosporidium, species of which are parasites of birds and animals and can be transmitted to humans, causing severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea (cryptosporidiosis)
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Several studies have also documented the presence and prevalence of Cryptosporidia in fecal samples from psittacine birds.
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Livestock and human wastes that were laden with oocysts of cryptosporidia have been incriminated in some cases.
The ScourCheck scheme, which analyses calf faeces for infectious scour pathogens, found the cryptosporidia parasite was present in almost four out of 10 samples (37%) this year.