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Noun1.Cryptotis - least shrews
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
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The distribution and density of pigment is about as in Sorex and Cryptotis, and much more than in Notiosorex, which is lightly pigmented only on the tips of the cusps of I1 through P4 and with molars unpigmented (George, 2012).
The two most interesting species recorded at Goose Pond were the bog lemming, Synaptomys cooperi, and the least shrew, Cryptotis parva.
Skeletonization was sometimes necessary for the identification of certain shrews (Blarina and Cryptotis of similar size).
The expanding distribution of the least shrew, Cryptotis parva, in South Dakota.
Our captive weasels show no aversion to Cryptotis carcasses as a food source.
oreopolus ventralis (Castro, 2005a), and Cryptotis alticola (Ceballos and Carreon, 2005).
Sampling was conducted to verify the presence of four species (Sorex cinersis, masked shrew; Sorex longirostris, southeastern shrew; Blarina carolinensis, southern short-tailed shrew; and Cryptotis parva, least shrew) previously reported to occur on the site and to establish occurrence/habitat relationships for species.
Owl pellets reveal Cryptotis parva, a new record for Caddo County, Oklahoma.
A total of 15 new specimens of Cryptotis parva are reported herein from the northwestern corner of Nebraska, in Dawes and Sheridan counties (Fig.
microdon -- -- 1 2 1 -- 4 2 Cryptotis -- 1 2 -- -- -- 3 2 oreoryctes P aztecus 1 1 -- -- -- -- 2 1 R.
Habitat use was assessed for three species of shrews (southeastern shrew, Sorex longirostris; southern short-tailed shrew, Blarina carolinensis; least shrew, Cryptotis parva) at the Milan Army Ammunition Plant in Carroll and Gibson counties in western Tennessee.