Crystal glass

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But a short distance from the circular chamber we came suddenly into a brilliantly lighted labyrinth of crystal glass partitioned passages.
Top quality crystal glass drinkware characterise the selection in the 'Charleston' collection.
ADD some sparkle and glamour to your home at a flick of the switch with this stunning chrome and crystal glass chandelier - it's the perfect modern twist on a classic number.
Now, reports have emerged that the use of sapphire crystal glass in the device could increase its cost of production, affecting its price.
To celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse, Riedel crystal glass company have released a Horse decanter (PS495, available from February, www.
French crystal glass maker Lalique andA Indian counterpartA Sahara had previously shown interest in the troubled firm, but there was not a real offer.
Crystal glass light fittings from Brierley Hill Crystal, as supplied to the Titanic.
Contributors working in art and design, archeology, economics, design history and material culture, and architectural conservation in Ireland and England use a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses archaeological, architectural, artistic, historical, economic, and pictorial evidence, as they discuss the origins of Waterford glass and its re-emergence in the twentieth century, stained and painted window glass, the invention of lead crystal glass, the origins of studio and contemporary glass in Ireland, manufacturing processes, seventeenth-century Irish flat glass, types and sites like Cork City glassworks and the Pugh Glasshouse in Dublin, and how advanced Irish glassmaking was compared to English glassmaking.
The sculpture weighs 50kg and is cast in 24% lead crystal glass.
Some areas investigated include optimization of ormosil glasses for luminescence-based dissolved oxygen sensors, optical analysis of boro-fluoro-phosphate glasses, and splicing and coupling losses in hollow-core photonic crystal glass fibers, in addition to structural and optical analysis of rare earth ions-doped ceramic powders, and the application of materials based on glass-reinforced hydroxyapatite in the treatment of periodontal defects.
The clock has a triple chime with automatic night shut off and comes in delicately hand crafted wooden case with 10 layers of high gloss lacquer, metal inlays and Crystal glass with the guarantee of 500 hour BUBEN&ZORWEG Excellence Control.