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Noun1.Ctenizidae - large burrowing spiders
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
trap-door spider - American spider that constructs a silk-lined nest with a hinged lid
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Within these new records are four new families (Antrodiaetidae, Ctenizidae, Cybaeidae, and Oecobiidae) and 17 new genera (Ceratinopsidis, Dipoena, Eidmannella, Epiceraticelus, Idionella, Larinia, Lepthyphantes, Lupettiana, Microneta, Neon, Oreonetides, Paracornicularia, Phylloneta, Spintharus, Styloctetor, Tapinocyba, and Talanites) for the state.
Asimismo los generos: Tylogonus de la familia Salticidae (Medina 2002); Barronopsis de la familia Agelenidae (Duran-Barron 2004), Hebestatis de la familia Ctenizidae (Desales-Lara 2009), Antistea de la familia Hahniidae (Campuzano-Granados 2012; Tapia-Rodriguez 2013), Chalcoscirtus de la familia Salticidae (CampuzanoGranados 2012) y Sarinda (Guerrero-Fuentes 2014) no tienen registros en Mexico (Platnick, 2014); lo mismo ocurre con la familia Cybaeidae, sin embargo ya es citada para el pais por Desales-Lara (2009), Ibarra-Nunez et al.
The silk lining in the burrows was not as thick as found in members of the families Ctenizidae and Idiopidae.