Ctenocephalides felis

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Noun1.Ctenocephalides felis - flea that breeds chiefly on cats and dogs and ratsCtenocephalides felis - flea that breeds chiefly on cats and dogs and rats
flea - any wingless bloodsucking parasitic insect noted for ability to leap
Ctenocephalides, genus Ctenocephalides - an arthropod genus of fleas
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have been implicated as the reservoirs, with the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, as the principal vector (2).
The cat flea Ctenocephalides felis has traditionally been considered the only confirmed vector of Rickettsia felis; however, recent evidence has demonstrated that mosquitoes Anopheles gambiae--the main vector of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa--can be a competent vector for R.
Frecuencia de Ctenocephalides canis y Ctenocephalides felis obtenidas de caninos infestados naturalmente en el valle de Aburra.
The infection spreads via an arthropod vector, Ctenocephalides felis or the "common" cat flea [1, 5].
The flea collected from kitten was identified as Ctenocephalides felis.
Experimental intravenous infections and transmission through the cat flea Ctenocephalides felis have also been reported (MENCKE et al.
Concurrent infestation of buffalo calves with Ctenocephalides felis strongylusand piroplasms.
58 %) samples were identified as Ctenocephalides felis (collected from dogs, cats, guinea pigs and foxes).
In United States, contrary to the classic cycle rat-flea-rat, the most important reservoirs are opossums from the gender Dydelphis and catsl the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis also have been identified as a vector (4).
There's no point saving the planet if you're going to have to share it with ctenocephalides felis, that's cat fleas to those who don't speak Latin.
Prevalence of Rickettsia felis in the fleas Ctenocephalides felis felis and Ctenocephalides canis from two Indian villages in Sao Paulo Municipality, Brazil.