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 (tĕs′ə-fŏn′, tē′sə-)
An ancient city of central Iraq on the Tigris River southeast of Baghdad. As the residence of Parthian kings it was renowned for its splendor. The Arabs captured and plundered the city in 637.


(Placename) an ancient city on the River Tigris about 100 km (60 miles) above Babylon. First mentioned in 221 bc, it was destroyed in the 7th and 8th centuries ad


(ˈtɛs əˌfɒn)

a ruined city in Iraq, on the Tigris, near Baghdad: an ancient capital of Parthia.
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And just in time thou com'st to have a view Of his great power; for now the Parthian king In Ctesiphon hath gathered all his host Against the Scythian, whose incursions wild Have wasted Sogdiana; to her aid He marches now in haste.
In their soft glances I see what men strove to realize in some Versailles, or Paphos, or Ctesiphon.
In addition to pairing himself with his beloved, Qabbani marries his Christian, Arab, and more trans-regionally Middle Eastern identities and experiences in these pieces: we find references to church bells and heaven-sent manna alongside allusions to the erstwhile courtyard of the Sasanian sovereign Khosroes (the iwan kisra ) in Ctesiphon and the Thousand and One Nights .
Similarly two western tourists visiting the ancient ruins of Ctesiphon look posed and awkward standing by a rabab player.
Architecture often took grandiose proportions, such as the palaces at Ctesiphon, Firuzabad and Sarvestan.
During The Time Of The Sassanid Empire, From The 3rd Century To The 7th, The Major Part Of Iraq Was Called The Heart Of Iran', And Its Metropolis Ctesiphon - Not Far From Present-Day Baghdad, Which Functioned As Such For More Than 800 Years
At the Battle of Ctesiphon in late November, Townshend himself observed "hundreds of Indian soldiers streaming to the rear, because there were not enough white officers to keep them steady and in hand.
In the south, sheltered from Islamic State depredation but still damaged by years of conflict and theft, lie Babylon -- site of Nebuchadnezzar's Hanging Gardens -- Ur, birthplace of the Biblical patriarch Abraham, and the imperial capitals of Arab and Iranian empires in Samarra, Baghdad and Ctesiphon.
They won a commercial treaty and agreements with the Byzantine and Ctesiphon.
Glancing through the colourful posters, illustrating Syria's medieval Aleppo citadel or Iraq's Sassanian Ctesiphon arch, offers an eery contrast with the brutal reality both countries torn by civil war face today.
lt;<Pour les debuts, jusqu'au moment ou Philippe a obtenu a negocier la paix, ce sont Ctesiphon et Aristodemos qui ont joue le premier role dans la tromperie ; puis, quand il fallut en venir a la realisation, ils ont passe la parole a Philocrate et a Eschine, et ceux-la, s'etant charges de l'affaire, ont tout perdu>>.
founder of the democracy: AESCHINES, Against Ctesiphon, in AESCHINES 250