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 (ko͞o′kə-tə, -ko͞o-tä′)
A city of northeast Colombia near the Venezuelan border. Established in 1733 and rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1875, it is a transportation and industrial center.


(Spanish ˈkukuta)
(Placename) a city in E Colombia: commercial centre of a coffee-producing region. Pop: 883 000 (2005 est). Official name: San José de Cúcuta


(ˈku kuˌtɑ)

a city in E Colombia. 479,309.
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The Cucata supremo, banned after being sent off and insulting the fourth official, watched the next home game with Atletico Junior from the office of a sports institute and gave his team talk via closed circuit television, connected to the dressing room.
danieli record from the general vincity of Cucata, Norte de Santander, in the Maracaibo drainage, but they did" not include that region in their text where they characterized the distribution of the species.
At PANAMCO's Cucata and Barrancabermeja plants, the complaint says, since 1999, several local union officials have been forced into hiding after receiving death threats from paramilitaries in connection with their union work.