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or Cu·chul·ainn also Cu Chul·ainn  (ko͞o-kŭl′ĭn, -KHŭl′-)
A legendary hero of ancient Ulster who single-handedly defended it against the rest of Ireland.


(kuˈkʌl ɪn, ˈku xʊ lɪn)

a hero of Ulster in Irish legend.
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YEATS which are narrative retellings of Irish myth is "Cuchulain's Fight with the Sea," first written in 1892 when it was entitled "The Death of Cuchullin.
1) For some attempts to remedy the situation, see my essays: 'Holderlin und Ossian', Holderlin-Jahrbuch, 27 (1990/91), 100-30; 'The "Joy of Grief ": Moritz and Ossian', Colloquia Germanica, 28 (1995), 101-25; and '"Blast, rief Cuchullin .
He usually serves regulars at the Cuchullin Bar in nearby Kyle of Lochalsh.
Cu Chulainn , also called Cuchulain, Cuchulinn, or Cuchullin.