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Noun1.Cuculus - type genus of the CuculidaeCuculus - type genus of the Cuculidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Cuculidae, family Cuculidae - includes cuckoo; ani; roadrunner
Cuculus canorus, European cuckoo - common cuckoo of Europe having a distinctive two-note call; lays eggs in the nests of other birds
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One new species of the genus Sternostoma (Mesostigmata: Rhinonyssidae) from Cuculus canorus (Cuculiformes: Cuculidae) from Leningrad Province, Russia.
In other study such as Sciaena umbra [34], Sparus auratus, Trigla cuculus, Sardina pilchardus, Mugil cephalus, Atherina hepsetus, Scomberesox saurus [6], Serranus scriba, Epinephelus costae, Cephalopholis nigri and Pseudupenaeus prayensis [28] concentrations of Zn in liver was higher than muscle.
Cuculus GmbH, a developer of smart metering and home control solutions, has won a new contract in Germany for its ZONOS platform, the company announced today.
Cuculus GmbH, a company that develops smart metering and home control solutions, has named Kjartan V Skaugvoll as its Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.
In parts of Europe that have warmed since 1990, the common cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, appears to be shifting its laying away from species that don't migrate or that travel a short distance each year, says Anders Pape Moiler of the University of Paris South in Orsay.
The nomads of the same region name khu yug rdza ril, "clay pot of khu yug (the cuckoo bird, Cuculus canorus), an orchid (Cypripedium machrantum, Litang) whose flower lip is similar to clay pots (rdza ril) traditionally employed in the area.
18) Tucos is Isidore's word for the cuckoo but he adds that the Spanish call it ciculos, that is, cuculus.
This unusual bird belongs the same family as the cuckoos (Cuculidae, the cuckoos, such as Cuculus and Clamator), but unlike its nonrunning relatives it is not a brood parasite.
The Confucianized literary species of the dujuan cuckoo shares brood parasitic habits with its avian counterpart, Cuculus canorus.