cuddle up

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w>cuddle up

visich kuscheln (→ to, against an +acc); to cuddle up beside somebodysich neben jdm zusammenkuscheln; to cuddle up in bedsich im Bett zusammenkuscheln, sich ins Bett kuscheln; I’m cold — well, cuddle up thenmir ist kalt — na, dann kuschel dich ran (inf); we all had to cuddle up in the tent to keep warmwir mussten uns alle im Zelt aneinanderkuscheln, um es warm zu haben
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VALERIE HOGG, Cullercoats A Cuddle IT'S nice to have a cuddle When you're feeling low Nice to have a cuddle to say hello Nice to have a cuddle from a long Lost friend Nice to have a cuddle to say Well done Nice to have a cuddle up to your loved, One while watching TV The best cuddle is from Your grandchildren when they Say I love you.
Similar businesses, such as The Snuggery in Rockester, NY and Cuddle Up to Me in Portland, OR see a steady influx of the cuddle-curious as well as a loyal following of regulars, and have garnered national and international attention.
30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With more than one million fans buzzing on social media and crowds storming to see her, Lil BUB is now ready to cuddle up with her fans at home.