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Noun1.CUL - a passage with access only at one endcul - a passage with access only at one end
passage - a way through or along which someone or something may pass
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CULS selected the IBM MobileFirst Platform to develop and deploy the My CZU platform and initial apps in just three months.
Earlier this year, a federal bankruptcy court in Dallas ruled that a realty firm owed CULS more than $40 million in a suit involving a defaulted Illinois property loan.
CULS is a service offered exclusively to credit union members.
Implementation of the extraction of forest owned by the CULS pursuant to the approved forest management plan (FMP) forest management unit (LHC) No.
When the loan went into default, CULS demanded that the guarantors honor their obligations.
CULS funds vehicle loans and then packages participations in those loans for sale to NCB, FSB, a subsidiary of the National Cooperative Bank, which resells the loan participations to participating credit unions.
This is not the first time CULS has been involved in a suit regarding Lincoln Mall.
terms of the CULS, the holders, Hanafin Investments Limited
previously announced, the CULS Offer is only for half of the total
General Meeting and CULS Meeting held earlier today, all resolutions
Resolution to be put to CULS Holders at the CULS Meeting to be held on 6