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Noun1.CUL - a passage with access only at one endcul - a passage with access only at one end
passage - a way through or along which someone or something may pass
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And so, as I came trotting out of that cul de sac, full of satisfaction with my own cleverness, he turned the corner and I walked right into his handcuffs.
Instead of going to the right places--banks, police stations, rendezvous-- he systematically went to the wrong places; knocked at every empty house, turned down every cul de sac, went up every lane blocked with rubbish, went round every crescent that led him uselessly out of the way.
Earlier this year, a federal bankruptcy court in Dallas ruled that a realty firm owed CULS more than $40 million in a suit involving a defaulted Illinois property loan.
CULS is a service offered exclusively to credit union members.
When the loan went into default, CULS demanded that the guarantors honor their obligations.
CULS selected the IBM MobileFirst Platform to develop and deploy the My CZU platform and initial apps in just three months.