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Lekarato Ltalnoi was charged with failing to protect a minor from a harmful cultural rite between January 25 and 29 this year at Kulungu village in Marsabit county.
Queen's wants more foreign students, many of whom are Muslim, so it would be surprising if this simple request for a space to exercise an important religious and cultural rite is not granted soon.
Traditional male circumcision is regarded as a sacred and indispensable cultural rite intended to prepare initiates for the responsibilities of adulthood.
Circumcision and subincision often constitute an important part of a cultural rite of passage because they cause lasting and visible results that function as diplomas, or marks of distinction, proving that they have gone through the required ordeal (Eliade 1975).
The festival lasts for an entire week and culminates with a cultural rite performed by the Sultan of Yogyakarta -- who still holds local authority in the province -- to thank God for the blessings bestowed upon the community over the previous year.

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