Culture fluid

a fluid in which microscopic organisms are made to develop, either for purposes of study or as a means of modifying their virulence. If the fluid is gelled by, for example, the use of agar, it then is called, depending on the vessel in which the gelled medium is contained, a plate, a slant, or a stab.

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With a new quick-connect adapter for dust-free powder transfer, DE can be directly mixed into the cell culture fluid.
Because inverted microscopes allow the researcher to observe the sample from below, this configuration is optimized for 3D-culture imaging and allows cells that have adhered to the base of the petri dish to be observed without culture fluid touching the objective.
RNA was extracted from infected culture fluid by using a QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN, Hilden, Germany), and reverse transcription PCR was performed by using Superscript III Reverse Transcriptase (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA).
This is a circulator that automatically delivers culture fluid (liquid fertilizer) to plants.
A 10 ml aliquot of culture fluid was anaerobically withdrawn from each fermentation jar (1 L vol.
A robot changes the culture fluid in each well containing a chip at intervals of just a few minutes.
Nucleic acids and bases inside the capsules absorb nutrients from culture fluid via the wall of the capsules.
We do this by filtering some of the tissue culture fluid through a sterile 0.
During in vitro testing, high concentrations of 1918rv were rapidly depleted from cell culture fluid when circulated through the Hemopurifier[R].
Culture fluid was prepared by mixing ruminal fluid and phosphate-bicarbonate buffer (McDougall, 1948; Abe, 1988), which was preliminarily purged with C[O.
RNA was extracted from the second cell culture fluid by TRIZOL LS Reagent (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA).
The pH of culture fluid was measured immediately with a pH meter equipped with a glass electrode (Model PHS-3C, Shanghai Leici Scientific Instrument Co.