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a.1.Having no culture.
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Hopefully, Afrocentric education can rescue us from such a horrendous situation of a cultureless people.
Others conveyed the notion that "Canadian-Canadian" culture is cultureless, and expressed particular ideas of what "being multicultural" entails, articulating what has been referred to as "song and dance" multiculturalism (George 2006; Mahtani 2002).
e award-winning writer David Almond has defended young people against claims they are growing up in a cultureless "PlayStation generation".
There is no cultureless or neutral perspective on learning or on science.
In essence, early social studies history perceived social studies as colorblind and cultureless, which presented an incomplete picture of the totality of social studies development.
I am cultureless because, as a feminist, I challenge the collective cultural/religious male-derived beliefs of Indo-Hispanics and Anglos; yet I am cultured because I am participating in the creation of yet another culture, a new story to explain the world and our participation in it, a new value system with images and symbols that connect us to each other and to the planet.
In our working class, cultureless enclaves we are concerned merely with beer, Benidorm and bingo, so they cut taxes to pacify us.
Meaningless, cultureless, vacuous, aggressive, tasteless.
Therefore, terrorism runs opposite to the interests of the people and serves the interests of the cultureless power-lovers, and their filthy and sinful hands are seen wherever the phenomenon of terrorism is observed," Ahmadinejad continued.
Critics love to paint all of the residents of this superlative-crazy emirate with the same crass cultureless consumerist brush.
Moreover, we offer a third perspective on culture to study the strategies that the LD research community might be using to demarcate and maintain a cultureless paradigm of LD.
Critics of the market often assume wrongly that it is comprised of a-political, a-historical, cultureless, atomistic agents.