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n.1.Same as Cumin.
Ye pay tithe of mint, and cummin.
- Matt. xxiii. 23.
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for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.
FULL DRAW: C Palmer G v I Spoor G, C Cooper HX v K Jameson ST, M Groundwater BW v W Pym CN, J Wood WH v C Coan HH, T Proudlock RY v K Liddle AK, WR Liddle PE v J Boyd SP, J Cleverley ST v J Doy NE, J Burt SS v W Blyth PD, T Kempster G v D Miller AK, T Logan ST v A J Calder AM, W Cummin WL v P Duffy G, M Cooper WH v B Craig HX, P Dawson C v T Carver FH, S Lant NE v W Gilbert CN, G Hill G v A Scott WR, B Rootham NE v S Fontoris HV.
On October 15, 1997, the Company completed its previously announced agreement to sell its Utility Products Division based in Fort Worth, Texas to Cummin Holdings, Inc.
A Hall v A Graham, K Burn v J Jackson, T Nanson v J Taylor, W Cummin v S Lant, S Ross v C Cooper, D Wilkinson v K Dobson, D Findlay v G Richardson, J Davidson v D Warren, J Askwith v J Boyd.
Chris Cummin was playing on the slipway at Hendon Beach, Sunderland, when a wave swept 13-year-old Mark Langton into the water on Monday.
This was an anthem that deafened: "SHEAR- AZ CUMMIN HOME.
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Matches include: W Cummin v R Hibble, N Harris v R McKinnon, W Foster v W Bolan, S Birdsey v JG Boyd, J Burt v R Varley, T Patterson v S Richardson, D Bogie v JG Allen, J Wood v K Green, P Duffy v J Sharp, R Givens v T Dixon, A Bryson v S Tawse.
Aam ganning to cut oot weshing up, cummin yem sharp, and stannin in supermarket queues.
We also thank Dr Thomas Cummin for useful discussion and Ms Anne Killion for the kindly technical guidance and assistance in laboratory measurements.
When the castle was built Roger de Conyers was a supporter of the Bishop of Durham William of St Barbara during a dispute with William Cummin, who had been chosen by David I of Scotland as bishop.
Johnson, Anise and Cummin, New Republic, July 9, 1962, at 8, 8; see also A Loss to Make Up for, Time, June 28, 1963, at 13, 14 (quoting Billy Graham as stating, "I don't believe that a small minority should rule the majority of the people").