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Variant of Kuna.


(ˈku nə)

n., pl. -nas, (esp. collectively) -na.
1. a member of an American Indian people of E Panama, now living mainly on islands in the Gulf of San Blas.
2. the Chibchan language of the Cuna.
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The proposal will be presented to CUNA credit union members in early 2016 for approval, the organization said in a release.
CUNA organizes and delivers advocacy, training, conferences and consumer education.
With the immense number of data breaches that occurred at retailers in 2014, and a grim forecast for 2015, it's essential to arm consumers with tips they need to protect themselves," said CUNA President and CEO Jim Nussle.
Extending our alliance with CUNA means participating credit unions can access a full range of correspondent mortgage lending services and competitive secondary market strategies without having to add staff or re-tool their systems," said Iliana Ghanem, vice president for community lending at Freddie Mac.
Fitch rates all three major companies of the CUNA Mutual Group on a combined basis based on their common strategic focus, operational integration, shared management, and similar balance sheet profiles.
LaPine noted that a significant portion of the industry was dismayed by the CUNA board vote and the lack of clarity regarding why interdependence was defined by the dual membership requirement.
The CUNA Operations, Sales & Service Council is a partnership of operations professionals that provides education, leadership and networking support to further enhance the role and diversity of credit unions.
The ratings also consider operating challenges resulting from CUNA Mutual's many and diverse product lines, competing against larger, more diverse companies, and risks associated with the company's operational restructuring currently underway.
Carpenter noted that CUNA represents the interest of all credit unions, whether they are dues-paying members or not, but would love to include them as members.
CONTACT: Brad German of Freddie Mac, +1-703-903-2437; or Katye Long of CUNA Communications, +1-608-231-4038; or Bob Cejka of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, +1-206-915-3863
Though credit union industry is subject to proliferation of hundreds of regulations, only about 10% of all credit unions have staff dedicated to compliance, according to the most recent CUNA study.
29, is to gather feedback from the Empire State's cooperatives about the league's membership requirements in 2016 and in relation to the CUNA board of directors' vote in September to maintain the dual membership requirement.