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also Ku·ne·ne  (ko͞o-nā′nə)
A river rising in west-central Angola and flowing about 1,125 km (700 mi) south and west to the Atlantic Ocean. It forms the Angola-Namibia border in its lower course.
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Over 10,000 mine victims and their relatives in Namibe, Huambo, Cunene, Cuando Cubango, Huila, Uige and Cabinda provinces
The Central and Southern Systems are linked to the Catumbela and Cunene River basins, respectively.
Tire Matala dam, on the Cunene River, for example, is the main source of electricity in Southwest Angola.
The network consists of the Trans Kalahari, the Trans Cunene and the Walvis Bay--Ndola --Lubumbashi (Trans Caprivi) Corridors, linking the three countries with each other and with Angola and Zambia.
The plant will be built in Cunene, southern Angola, with an annual production capacity at about 400,000 tons of sugar and some 40 million liters of bioethanol.
The plant will be built in Cunene, southern Angola, with an annual production capacity of around 400,000 tons of sugar and about 40 million liters of bioethanol.
V Safmarine Cunene sailed out to sea on Saturday morning, while three more ships M.
From these numbers, Luanda recorded the biggest increase, with 1,033 establishments, followed by the provinces of Benguela, counting on 487 and Cunene with 190 tourist resorts.
The presence of the past: archaeology, environment and land rights on the Lower Cunene River.
Southern African snoek have been recorded from northern Angola to Algoa Bay on the South African east coast but are mostly found between the Cunene River and Cape Agulhas, i.
Jon Turner, representing Greenpeace, told Lords Justices Mummery, Laws and Dyson that a shipment of mahogany arrived at Birkenhead earlier this year aboard the MV Cunene.
The activity of BES Angola in 2005 translated into strong net income growth and the expansion of its geographic coverage of the country - the Bank opened four new branches in the Zaire, Huila, Benguela and Cunene provinces.