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also Ku·ne·ne  (ko͞o-nā′nə)
A river rising in west-central Angola and flowing about 1,125 km (700 mi) south and west to the Atlantic Ocean. It forms the Angola-Namibia border in its lower course.
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Health Minister Lus Gomes Sambo called Tuesday in Oihole, Namacunde municipality, province of Cunene, the need for parents to comply with the schedule of vaccination of children, to prevent various diseases.
In Angola, the areas most affected by drought are the southern provinces of Cunene and Huila.
2005, Kaolin deposits from the northern sector of Cunene Anorthosite Complex (Southern Angola).
The Central and Southern Systems are linked to the Catumbela and Cunene River basins, respectively.
Tire Matala dam, on the Cunene River, for example, is the main source of electricity in Southwest Angola.
Frente a esta reclamacion independentista y secesionista, los tres partidos (4) en pugna por el poder en Angola, unidos solo para la descolonizacion de Portugal, mantuvieron en el caso de Cabinda una postura univoca: la apuesta por mantener la union del enclave al territorio angoleno una vez lograda la independencia (Domingos 2011) y reflejada en la famosa frase del primer presidente de la Angola independiente, Agostinho Neto: "De Cabinda a Cunene, un solo pueblo, una sola nacion".
The upper and middle Zambezi, Cunene, Okavango and Kafue systems, as well as some southern tributaries of the Congo.
The network consists of the Trans Kalahari, the Trans Cunene and the Walvis Bay--Ndola --Lubumbashi (Trans Caprivi) Corridors, linking the three countries with each other and with Angola and Zambia.
Estan alli para defender a los trabajadores y el equipo necesario para asegurar los suministros de agua del rio Cunene a Sudafrica".
The plant will be built in Cunene, southern Angola, with an annual production capacity at about 400,000 tons of sugar and some 40 million liters of bioethanol.
The plant will be built in Cunene, southern Angola, with an annual production capacity of around 400,000 tons of sugar and about 40 million liters of bioethanol.
Angola's southern border: entrepreneurship opportunities and the state in Cunene.