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 (ko͝or′ə-sō′, kyo͝or′-)
Any of several long-tailed, crested South and Central American game birds of the family Cracidae, related to the pheasants and domestic fowl.

[Alteration of Curaçao.]


(Animals) any gallinaceous ground-nesting bird of the family Cracidae, of S North, Central, and South America. Curassows have long legs and tails and, typically, a distinctive crest of curled feathers. See also guan
[C17: anglicized variant of Curaçao (island)]


(ˈkyʊər əˌsoʊ, kyʊˈræs oʊ)

any of several large gallinaceous birds of the guan family, esp. of the genus Crax, typically crested, with bony casques above the bill.
[1675–85; after Curaçao]
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Noun1.curassow - large crested arboreal game bird of warm parts of the Americas having long legs and tailscurassow - large crested arboreal game bird of warm parts of the Americas having long legs and tails; highly esteemed as game and food
gallinacean, gallinaceous bird - heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds
Crax, genus Crax - type genus of the Cracidae: curassows
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Curassows (pheasant-like birds) are the gems of the hides genre.
Cracids are gallinaceous birds found in Neotropical regions and include three distinct groups: chachalacas, guans, and curassows.
During the past 5 years, a research project that remotely monitors Tiputini lands through a system of motion- and heat-sensitive cameras has captured about 30,000 images of terrestrial mammals and birds, including five species of felines, two species of wild dogs, two species of peccaries, two species of deer, tapirs, giant armadillos, giant anteaters, curassows, and trumpeters.
The shopping list of traded species is endless: cheetahs and chanting goshawks from Somalia, houbara bustards and gazelles from Iran, chameleons and leopards from Yemen, black eagles and chimpanzees from Africa, and sloths and curassows from Brazil.
In southern Mexico, Central America, and South America, habitat loss and heavy hunting are pushing large turkey-like birds called guans and curassows toward extinction.
People of the highlands and coast were prepared to cross the threatening Andes Mountains to trade with inhabitants of the jungle for the colorful iridescent feathers of curassows, egrets, and various types of macaws.
The objectives of our research were to estimate: (1) the density of Helmeted Curassows in the southern sector of Tama National Park, and (2) the population size in a forest between 800 and 1,200 m asl.
This reserve, together with the adjacent Reserva Biologica de Sooretama (Sooretama City), represents the largest area for survival of Red-billed Curassows in Espirito Santo State.
Wattled Curassows in Bolivia: abundance, habitat use, and conservation status.
Conservation assessment and management plan for neotropical guans, curassows, and chachalacas.
It is possible these two curassows were collected en-route to or from the higher site.
The diet of curassows may vary throughout the year but fruit consumption is typically high (Erard et al.