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also cu·ra·ri  (ko͝o-rä′rē, kyo͝o-)
1. A dark resinous extract obtained from several tropical American woody plants, especially Chondrodendron tomentosum or certain species of Strychnos, used as an arrow poison by some Indian peoples of South America.
a. Any of several purified preparations of such an extract, used formerly as a drug to relax skeletal muscles during anesthesia.
b. The drug tubocurarine.
3. Any of the plants that yield curare.

[Portuguese or Spanish curaré, both of Cariban and Tupian origin.]


(kjʊˈrɑːrɪ) or


1. (Pharmacology) black resin obtained from certain tropical South American trees, esp Chondrodendron tomentosum, acting on the motor nerves to cause muscular paralysis: used medicinally as a muscle relaxant and by South American Indians as an arrow poison
2. (Plants) any of various trees of the genera Chondrodendron (family Menispermaceae) and Strychnos (family Loganiaceae) from which this resin is obtained
[C18: from Portuguese and Spanish, from Carib kurari]


or cu•ra•ri

(kyʊˈrɑr i, kʊ-)

1. a blackish, resinlike substance derived chiefly from tropical plants belonging to the genus Strychnos, of the logania family, esp. S. toxifera, used as an arrow poison for its effect of arresting the action of motor nerves.
2. a plant yielding this substance.
[1770–80; < Portuguese < Carib kurari]
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Noun1.curare - a toxic alkaloid found in certain tropical South American trees that is a powerful relaxant for striated muscles; "curare acts by blocking cholinergic transmission at the myoneural junction"
alkaloid - natural bases containing nitrogen found in plants
neuromuscular blocking agent - a substance that interferes with the neural transmission between motor neurons and skeletal muscles
phytotoxin, plant toxin - any substance produced by plants that is similar in its properties to extracellular bacterial toxin


[kjʊəˈrɑːrɪ] Ncurare m


n. curare, veneno extraído de varios tipos de plantas y usado como relajante muscular y anestésico.
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