Curled hair

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(Com.) the hair of the manes and tails of horses, prepared for upholstery purposes.
- McElrath.

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References in classic literature ?
The high cap no longer invested his brows, which were only shaded by short and thick curled hair of a raven blackness, corresponding to his unusually swart complexion.
Even his hair, touched here and there with grey, though it had been combed and curled at a hairdresser's, did not give him a stupid appearance, as curled hair usually does, by inevitably suggesting a German on his wedding-day.
He looked at the grey, carefully curled hair, yellow white visage, and slim, somewhat foppish figure.
Andrea Cavalcanti, with curled hair, mustaches in perfect order, and white gloves which fitted admirably, had entered the courtyard of the banker's house in La Chaussee d'Antin.
Wearing a soft cardigan with freshly curled hair, she said: "Oh, so this is why you got me all dressed up, is it?
The phrase "Lady driver" makes me picture someone like my gran, with neatly curled hair and marigolds.
Beyonce had been sat next to the fan - which was perched on the edge of the stage - for her finale performance of 'Halo' when it became apparent her tightly curled hair had been sucked into the machine.
Hair and beauty students and tutors plaited and curled hair, gave manicures and did nail art while the performing arts department ran drama games and 'dance for fun' sessions.
Style the loosely curled hair by back-combing the hair into a big, full bouffant look, popular on red carpets and the fashion show catwalks.
Wearing her number one accessory, the fashionista hid her eyes behind a pair of large sunglasses, and allowed her loosely curled hair to fall at her shoulders.
Columbus must have been quite surprised when his eye fell on dark-skinned people with tightly curled hair.