Hair, Curly

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Hair, Curly



  1. A circlet of crisp curly gray hair like a laurel wreath —Marge Piercy
  2. Curled their hair so tightly that their heads looked like bunches of black grapes —Angela Carter
  3. (Her gold) curls hang like lazy springs —Ira Wood
  4. Curls like those of a young hyacinth —Edgar Allen Poe
  5. Curls of yellow hair like pine shavings —Peter De Vries
  6. (His dark) curls were flat, plastered over his head like a wet beret —Joan Hess
  7. Curly, scented, black, stiff hair, like cock feathers —Janet Flanner
  8. Hair … as tightly curled as a poodle’s —Margaret Millar

    A popular comparison with variations including the simplified as in “Hair … curly as a poodle,” and extensions like “Hair curled like a gilded poodle’s.” (T. Coraghessan Boyle’s Water Music.)

  9. Hair curled as rings of iron wire —Aharon Megged
  10. Hair … curled like the fruit on the trees —Dame Edith Sitwell
  11. Hair … curly as moss —Marge Piercy
  12. Hair … curly as the wool on a ram —George Garrett
  13. Hair that curled naturally like very young leaves —Mollie Hardwick
  14. Hair that sprang into ringlets like gold coins —Paige Mitchell
  15. It [hair] covered either side of her thin face in curly muffs, like a poodle’s ears —Jonathan Valin
  16. Soft gray hair curled out of his skull like smoke —Miles Gibson
  17. Towers of hair, curled like Indian temples —Joyce Cary
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Dolokhov was of medium height, with curly hair and light-blue eyes.
Dolokhov still sat in the same position, only his head was thrown further back till his curly hair touched his shirt collar, and the hand holding the bottle was lifted higher and higher and trembled with the effort.
At the same moment the stage buzzed with a new sound and, amid a crowd of men in evening-dress, all talking and gesticulating together, appeared a man who seemed very calm and displayed a pleasant face, all pink and chubby-cheeked, crowned with curly hair and lit up by a pair of wonderfully serene blue eyes.
All that was noticeable was the little wilful tendrils of her curly hair that would always break free about her neck and temples.
Hayward found him stupid, but Lawson recognised his charm and was eager to paint him; he was a picturesque figure with his blue eyes, white skin, and curly hair.
He was a man obviously on the way towards sixty, very florid and hairy, with much gray in his bushy whiskers and thick curly hair, a stoutish body which showed to disadvantage the somewhat worn joinings of his clothes, and the air of a swaggerer, who would aim at being noticeable even at a show of fireworks, regarding his own remarks on any other person's performance as likely to be more interesting than the performance itself.
His jet-black, curly hair had turned iron-gray; he was scrupulously neat as ever, but frightfully threadbare.
When people haven't natural curly hair they shouldn't try to make it curly.
Now for it," said she, as she stood before the glass, and shook down her silky abundance of black curly hair.
His age may have been fifty or thereabouts, for his black, curly hair was thickly shot with gray.
Diana says she has the loveliest fair curly hair and such fascinating eyes.
When we was put in the dock, I noticed first of all what a gentleman Compeyson looked, wi' his curly hair and his black clothes and his white pocket-handkercher, and what a common sort of a wretch I looked.