Current mill

a mill driven by a current wheel.

See also: Current

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At Heatherslaw we have milled flour, oats and barley for over 700 years, and next year it will be 40 years since the current mill was restored," added Julia.
The current mill can only grind certain food products, including brewer's grits, snack grits and corn meal, while the new system will allow LifeLine to produce flaking grits, brewer's grits, snack meal, other meals, cones and flours.
A paper machine of Chenming Jilin will be relocated within Jilin City from the current mill site to the company s new mill site.
The mill dates back to the 1300s, with the current mill built in 1588 and later extended in 1661 and Mike said one of the main attractions was its rich history and stunning setting.
The current mill buildings date from the 19th century and are still owned by the Brooke family.
The current mill rate of sugar is Rs 67 per kg; whole sale is Rs.
DESPITE our strongest objections, the city council planning committee has agreed a bland, if not hideous, new school building to be built on the current Mill bank playing fields.
Juice extraction efficiency of the current mill stands around 90-92% instead of 98%.
The current mill site has room for three or four board machines and the company already has plans to create what it calls the world's largest papermaking city in Xiaogang.
If these issues can be addressed, Holtz plans to build onto the current mill that is fairly close quarters for the 30-people crew.
The current mill was rebuilt in 1834 and after falling into disuse after the Second World War, was restored to full working order in 1989 by its owner, the Walton Estate.