Current money

lawful money.
- Abbott.

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As the people grew more numerous, and their trade one with another increased, the want of current money was still more sensibly felt.
If the result has been the opposite of what I intended, it is no fault of mine, but of those wicked beings that persecute me; but, for all that, I am willing to condemn myself in costs for this error of mine, though it did not proceed from malice; let Master Pedro see what he wants for the spoiled figures, for I agree to pay it at once in good and current money of Castile.
The capitalist does not run every hour to the broker to coin his advantages into current money of the realm; he is satisfied to read in the quotations of the market that his stocks have risen.
The agency encourages all users learn more about current money management issues and share their own personal finance questions and survival tips.
The only change will be the new notes replacing the current money in circulation.
The influx of refugees from Somalia has been blamed for much of the current money laundering in East Africa.
7 billion which, according to the New York Times, would translate to more than $7 billion in current money.
The wording printed on each note reads: "By authority of Law The State of Mississippi will pay [whatever the value of the note is] to bearer in current money when the sum of ten dollars is presented.
The group is planning a display of the notebooks at the church and to work out how much the 1902 donations would be worth in current money.
Mr Lott has traced the camera back to the 1930s when it would have cost wealthy entrepreneur Lightoller PS16 - or more than PS800 in current money.
But the Government wants the PS75,000 cap to apply from 2017, which Mr Dilnot said was PS61,000 in current money.
Nuland confirmed that the current money under debate is outside the yearly aid that the US gives to Egypt, and was instead part of the American plan to respond to the Arab Spring.