Curve tracing

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(Math.) the process of determining the shape, location, singular points, and other peculiarities of a curve from its equation.

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For additional fault detection capabilities, the CircuitMaster 4000M's Scan Mode can perform automatic curve tracing, showing amplitude and phase for various voltage and frequency variations.
This article outlines how to simplify I-V measurements on FETs using the latest generation of SMU instruments, a growing number of which are equipped with embedded software tools that simplify device characterization and curve tracing (Figure 1).
Solmetric has released the latest software upgrade for the PV Analyser, an electrical test solution that combines I-V curve tracing with built-in, predictive PV models to provide the fastest and most complete performance verification available for commissioning and troubleshooting PV arrays.
0 Software enables instrument control, data acquisition, and curve tracing in lab or device characterization applications.
The necessary parameters were taken from the data obtained from curve tracing and curve fitting of the FET used in the construction of this detector.
Keithley has introduced seven instrumentation, software, and test fixture configurations for parametric curve tracing applications for characterizing high power devices at up to 3,000 V and 100 A, including those based on silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) technology.