general relativity

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general relativity

The geometric theory of gravitation developed by Albert Einstein, incorporating and extending the theory of special relativity to accelerated frames of reference and introducing the principle that gravity is a consequence of matter causing a curvature in spacetime.


(ˌrɛl əˈtɪv ɪ ti)

1. the state or fact of being relative.
a. Also called special relativity. the first part of Einstein's two-part theory, based on the axioms that physical laws have the same form throughout the universe and that the velocity of light in a vacuum is a universal constant, from which is derived the mass-energy equation, E = mc2.
b. Also called general relativity. the second part, a theory of gravitation based on the axiom that the local effects of a gravitational field and of the acceleration of an inertial system are identical.
3. dependence of a mental state upon the nature of the human mind.
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Noun1.general relativity - a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence)
Einstein's theory of relativity, relativity, relativity theory, theory of relativity - (physics) the theory that space and time are relative concepts rather than absolute concepts
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Their topics include the "paradox" of computability and a recursive relative version of the Busy Beaver Function, Planckian information (Ip): a measure of the order in complex systems, quantum computational complexity in curved spacetime, an upper bound on the asymptotic complexity of global optimization of smooth univariate functions, and an informational perspective on quantum Bayesianism and the origins of life.
The ghost has no contribution to the vacuum energy density in Minkowski spacetime, but in curved spacetime it gives rise to a small vacuum energy density.
A strongly curved spacetime may be vital for the timely decay of dark energy [17], a possible requirement for gravity to propagate no slower than light.
For several hours, the two huddled over the senator's coffee table, while Vogt drew pictures of curved spacetime.
Similarly, the weight that you feel when you hold a heavy object in curved spacetime is the acceleration force that you have to apply to it to continually bend it away from the straight trajectory it's trying to follow as time races forward.
My group in Lisbon has been involved in groundbreaking research into the nature of strong-field effects in curved spacetime with applications in various fields, thus establishing international leadership in the field.
The second epoch was further work on black holes, and his adventurous and highly successful work on quantum field theory in a curved spacetime.
The researchers built on Maldacena's mapping and devised a model for electrons moving in a curved spacetime in the presence of a charged black hole that captures two of the striking features of the normal state of high-temperature superconductors: 1) the presence of a barrier for electron motion in the Mott state, and 2) the strange metal regime in which the electrical resistivity scales as a linear function of temperature, as opposed to the quadratic dependence exhibited by standard metals.
In Relativity In Curved Spacetime Baird the author of a popular Web site on relativity takes readers on a guided tour of nearly every complex concept of modern physics and along the way comes to the taboo conclusion that in light of what we are learning about the rest of the universe special relativity seems to fall short of describing reality.
A major cornerstone of the book is the concept that energy can be extracted from locally curved spacetime and that virtual photon energy can be extracted from the vacuum.