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See Cuzco.


(Spanish ˈkusko)
(Placename) a variant of Cuzco


or Cus•co

(ˈkus koʊ)

a city in S Peru: Inca ruins. 255,568.
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Noun1.Cusco - a town in the Andes in southern PeruCusco - a town in the Andes in southern Peru; formerly the capital of the Inca empire
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Revuel Vuelot reported that the investment in the regions of Cusco, Apurmac and Puno, which make up Lot 3 of the Project, will be 45 million soles and is expected to hold 100 thousand individual rural properties and 53 peasant communities, benefiting a population of 300 thousand families in these three regions of the south of the country.
In fact, it's becoming one of the top activities to do while in Cusco.
Dubai was represented by Saeed Hareb, the general secretary of DSC, while Joan Cusco, the executive vice-president, BSWW, represented the world body.
Summary: Occupying a space in the heart of the city, the new venue will add extra value to the event and will offer the fans better transport options, Cusco said
Se ha planteado que los waris controlaban a las poblaciones y los recursos del Cusco durante este periodo (Bergh 2012; Glowacki 2002; Lumbreras 1969; McEwan 2005; Schreiber 1992; entre otros).
The location couldn't be more historic -- Cusco was at the heart of the Incan empire, and the nearby world-famous Inca citadel Machu Picchu attracts millions of tourists annually.
In Cusco are the Belmond Hotel Monasterio and the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.
And there's no need to rush to the mountains because it's just a one-hour flight to the Andean capital, Cusco.
Pero Chambi no encontro en esa ciudad el paisaje y los personajes que realmente le interesaban, sino en el Cusco, lugar en el que se establecio en 1920 (habia nacido en 1891).
En Libro de protocolo aparecen muchas menciones de estos vecinos del Cusco con origen presumiblemente mexicano: Ylario Arias Mexicano, Lazaro Mexicano, Anton Mexicano, Capitan Pedro Mexicano, Pedro Mexicano, Antonio Mexicano .
The tourist district of Cusco is a beautiful and fascinating city that reflects both Incan and pre-Incan Latin America and the heavy Spanish influence brought by the 16th-century conquistadors.