Cushing's disease

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Cush·ing disease

 (ko͝osh′ĭng) or Cush·ing's disease (-ĭngz)
A disorder caused by excess production of the hormone ACTH by a pituitary tumor, which results in the symptoms of Cushing syndrome.

[After Harvey Williams Cushing.]

Cushing's disease

(ˈkʊʃɪŋz) or

Cushing's syndrome

(Pathology) a rare condition caused by excess corticosteroid hormones in the body, characterized chiefly by obesity of the trunk and face, high blood pressure, fatigue, and loss of calcium from the bones
[C20: named after Harvey Williams Cushing]

Cush′ing's disease`

a disorder of metabolism caused by overproduction of the hormone ACTH, resulting in hypertension, striated skin, accumulations of fat on the face and other areas, and other disturbances.
[1935–40; after H. W. Cushing, who first described it]
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Noun1.Cushing's disease - a glandular disorder caused by excessive ACTH resulting in greater than normal functioning of the adrenal gland; characterized by obesity
adenosis, gland disease, glandular disease, glandular disorder - a disorder of the glands of the body
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Drugs profile discussed in this report include ALD-1613, AT-814, ATR-101, DG-3173, ISIS-GCCRRx, ketoconazole, LCI-699, mifepristone, MPP-482, pasireotide LAR, Peptides to Antagonize ACTH Receptor for Cushing's Syndrome, Small Molecule to Antagonize Melanocortin Receptor 2 for Cushing's Disease, Small Molecule to Inhibit CYP11B1 for Cushing's Disease and Subclinical Hypercortisolism, Small Molecules to Antagonize Steroidogenic Factor-1 for Endometriosis, Cancer and Cushing's Disease, Small Molecules to Inhibit Cortisol for Metabolic Disorders, Small Molecules to Modulate Cryptochrome for Metabolic and CNS Disorders.
They are associated with elevated circulating ACTH and cortisol levels leading to Cushing's disease with features of hypercortisolism.
Cushing's Disease is normally caused by benign tumours of a part of the brain called the pituitary gland, though in a minority of cases the adrenal gland itself is affected.
Although surgery tends to be first-line therapy to treat Cushing's disease, Signifor is a new treatment option for patients when surgery hasn't worked or isn't an option," Dr.
The FDA approval of Signifor for Cushing's disease brings a novel pituitary-directed therapy to patients with limited treatment options," said Herve Hoppenot, President, Novartis Oncology.
Some of the common conditions that lead to excessive urination are cystitis (urinary tract and bladder infection), bladder stones, diabetes milletus, diabetes insipidus, cushing's disease, side-effects from steroids, leptospirosis, kidney infection (pyelonephritis) and tumours, etc.
com/PetplanUK QMY staffy, who is 12 years old, has Cushing's disease.
Fourth paper is a case study on Cushing's disease cause of secondary erythrocytosis.
Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling of ACTH level is considered the gold standard for differentiating between the two: it is elevated in Cushing's disease but is low or normal in EAS.
Linda became involved with the group when her daughter Nadine Casey was diagnosed with Cushing's disease.
After preliminary investigations, plasma ACTH and free 24 hour urinary cortisol for Cushing's disease was initiated although the patient displayed no clinical features or symptoms of the disease apart from elevated blood pressure.