Cushion tire

1.A thick solid-rubber tire, as for a bicycle, with a hollow groove running lengthwise on the inside.
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The IC decline was almost entirely centered on Class 4, indoor cushion tire equipment, which fell 11% as Class 5 remained flat.
0-liter liquid propane (LP) engine may be specified on S30-40FTS cushion tire trucks and H30-40FTS pneumatic tire trucks; higher capacity models--including the S40-70FT and S50CT cushion tire trucks and H4070FT and H50CT pneumatic tire trucks--use a 2.
capacity electric 4-wheel cushion tire lift trucks.
Incorporating the same technological advances and attention to detail seen in all other models, the new range of compact cushion tire trucks will initially be available for load capacities between 2000kg - 3500kg (4,000lb - 7,000lb).
Yale Materials handling Corporation has launched its new GC050LX cushion tire and GP050LX pneumatic tire internal combustion lift trucks.
Jesse Chuang, sales manager for TY Cushion Tire, City of Industry, Calif.
Code 6: Counterbalanced Rider Type (Pneumatic or Cushion Tire, Sit-down)
Product Enhancements IC Cushion Tire Forklift FGC15N - FGC33N (Capacity: 3,000-6,500 lb)
The cushion tire forklifts are engineered for high efficiency, with all four models featuring an enclosed drive and pump motor, brushless AC motors for improved efficiency and reduced maintenance, and various mast heights.
Cat Lift Trucks recently launched a new series of 3,000-6,500 lb capacity cushion tire lift trucks that offer the traditional Cat[R] lift truck benefits of enhanced productivity, dependable quality, and a solid return on investment.
Overman Cushion Tire Co, Texas Encore Materials , Inc.
capacity electric cushion tire forklift series (FBC15K--FBC30K) offer performance-boosting choices while minimizing your acquisition, operating and maintenance costs.