Cut film

(Photog.) a celluloid film cut into pieces suitable for use in a camera.

See also: Film

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The label, which contains the resealing adhesive, is used to reclose the package to the die cut film with a dependable, hermetic seal.
The budget proposed by Senate Finance Chairwoman Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, would cut film incentives funding by 89 percent, down to $10 million.
It features a built-in film cutter to cut film at the end of each wrap cycle, minimizing the risk of operator injury.
Judy Kelly's First Cut film examines the story behind the murders with unique footage, including access to Hazel's children, who are standing by her.
That's one question posed by Christian Watt's affectionate First Cut film about the growing number of men living in a wellintentioned fantasy world.
As well as promoting Cut Film through traditional media channels, ICE's PR team have also been promoting the campaign across social media websites such as You Tube, Twitter and Facebook, with the help of a short promotional video also featuring Lemar.
And in Bulgaria, the government cut film subsidies by more than half in June, down to $5 million, prompting cries that the cuts will kill the local industry.
Only about 25 years ago, the pre-press process was controlled by a small corps of specialists who crouched over light tables to cut film by hand, created plates from hard copy made of paper, sticky wax and white paint that covered the sweat marks and fingerprints, and performed other arcane arts in the murk of darkrooms.
There is no longer any need to cut film or splice double truck ads.
The Q300XT's simple automation has been designed to allow a forklift truck operator to spend more time behind the wheel and less getting on and off or bending and reaching to attach or cut film.
A spokesman for More 4 said: "This poignant First Cut film examines the extraordinary relationship between Winnie and Britain's most notorious serial killer, and reveals how Winnie has coped with every parent's worst nightmare.