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Noun1.Cuterebra - type genus of the Cuterebridae
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Cuterebridae, family Cuterebridae - New World botflies
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Cuterebra cutaneous myiasis: Case report and world literature review.
There are 3 clinical manifestations of myiasis: localized furuncular myiasis typically caused by Dermatobia hominis, Cordylobia anthropophaga, Wohlfahrtia vigil, and Cuterebra spp.
Long-term stability in the mating system of the bot fly Cuterebra austeni (Cuterebridae).
Biology of a California rodent botfly Cuterebra latifrons coquillett (Diptera: cuterebridae).
Gingrich & Barrett (1976) conducted laboratory infestations of P, pectoralis with the dipteran, Cuterebra fontinella Clark.
1d), a characteristic of third instars of rodent-infesting Cuterebra species; in contrast, lagomorph-infesting species have coneshaped spine-like platelets (Slansky & Huckabee 2006; Slansky 2007b).
No attempt was made to rear adult botflies from the infesting larvae; however, Cuterebra fontinella is a species that typically infests P.
Although moderate or severe vision loss appeared to occur more commonly with Hypoderma than Cuterebra infestations (53.
Knipling & Bruce (1937) reported that a second instar of Cuterebra buccata (Fabricius), a lagomorph-infesting species, was removed from a mule in South Carolina (16-VII-1935), but they provided no justification for this species assignment.
5%) adult black-tailed jackrabbits (Lepus californicus) examined in southern Texas from March to July of 1996 were infected with Cuterebra sp.