Cutter head

(Mach.) a rotating head, which itself forms a cutter, or a rotating stock to which cutters may be attached, as in a planing or matching machine.
- Knight.

See also: Cutter

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CNC lathes, high precision machining process on a regular workpiece machining with a diameter of 500 mm, with a reliable and efficient control system and at least 6-tool cutter head.
This translates to a 9-12HP router head, which will be able to cut through solid wood panels and table tops at the necessary speeds to optimize cutter head longevity.
maximum output; cutting capacity of 1" x 3" preform cross-sections; a cutter head mounted on the hinged front end assembly for easy access and setup; the cutter motor and blade are mounted on the machined slide for precision blade gap position and alignment; the cutter incorporates a 130 in.
Each cutter head features 1,680 individual nylon knives, as well as a low-maintenance, self-contained CIP (clean-in-place) system to flush accumulated potato debris and prevent starch build-up.
The machine uses a spinning cutter head to bore through bedrock.
Removal of the in-place pipe is accomplished by back reaming, using a directional drilling machine with a cutter head that reduces the existing pipe to small pieces, which are carried along with other excess particles by the drilling fluid to an extraction point.
The cutter head rotates 90 degrees in one direction (for front and top of hedges) and 180 degrees in another (for hedge sides and awkward angles), providing multi-directional trimming with the minimum of effort, stooping or bending.
The varied subject matter includes: dynamic analysis of cutter head systems in tunnel boring machines, video vehicle detection based on local features, a semantic metadata describing video information based on ontology, the product of two B-spline functions, parallelizing network coding using CUDA, stochastic simulation of bus traveling time, query optimization based on data provenance, cloud computing: cloud security to trusted cloud, and an efficient data stream clustering algorithm based on dynamic grids.
The carbide cutter head features fine grain and an ultra-sharp cutting edge that will hold its edge and dimensions longer.
The EscoLock Blade Lock System is a cutter head and blade design for welding end prep tools that provides chatter-free beveling, facing, and boring without cutting oils.
Additional features include a maximum cutter head diameter of 4-1/4 in.
The corresponding offset blankets are prepared in a similar manner, but using a knife blade in the cutter head.