Cutter head

(Mach.) a rotating head, which itself forms a cutter, or a rotating stock to which cutters may be attached, as in a planing or matching machine.
- Knight.

See also: Cutter

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To sharpen and replace the blades, you need to remove them from the cutter head Fig.
Furthermore, there is extensive recent gold and diamond production records in the Mazaruni River from cutter head dredging operations that showed excellent production of gold and diamonds.
The thruster also provides the face pressure required by the cutter head.
This gives us even greater motivation to enhance the project with additional heavy equipment and site clearing, and dredging equipment including cutter head dredges.
lbv200-4, 1 each; grabber cutter head accessory for lbv200-4 rov.
Work began in 2010 and currently Bouygues Civil Works Florida is excavating under the ocean floor with a massive tunnel boring machine, manufactured in Germany, consisting of a four-story cutter head mounted on a body longer than a football field.
Furthermore, there is extensive history on this river of cutter head dredges having enormous success producing gold and diamonds.
Tenders are invited for Sale of (1) One used John Deere Tractor and attachments, 5101E, s/n:1LV5101ECCY540009; (1) One used Alamo VB20 Boom, s/n: VRSA-07746, With Quick Hitch; (1) One used With Quick Hitch, 60" Rotary Brush Cutter Head, (1) One used Buzzbar.
At least two cutter head dredges can be built from this capital injection," Robert Doherty, company president exclaimed.
To take advantage of this bonanza mineralization, modifications to our present method of mining (suction dredges), will include the use of cutter head dredges.