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Noun1.Cyatheaceae - tropical tree ferns
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
Cyathea, genus Cyathea - type genus of the Cyatheaceae: tree ferns of the tropical rain forest to temperate woodlands
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Although no fern macrofossils have been seen in the Newvale leafbeds, spores include Cyatheaceae, Davalliaceae, Dicksoniaceae, Gleicheniaceae, Osmundaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Polypodiaceae and Psilotaceae.
Tal padrao e atribuido pela preferencia das pteridofitas por ambientes umidos e sombreados, fato extremamente ligado a reproducao sexual da especie (XAVIER; BARROS, 2005) ou, ainda, a reproducao vegetativa, como verificado em estudos com Cyatheaceae (SCHMITT; WINDISCH, 2005).
Also, the nomenclature and taxonomy of tree ferns, especially Cyatheaceae, are in constant change.
Comparative studies on gametophyte morphology and development of seven species of Cyatheaceae.
ferns; these cells enclosed calcium oxalate crystals in Cyatheaceae,
However, a recent biogeographical study of scaly tree ferns, Cyatheaceae, by Korall and Pryer (unpublished data) estimated clade divergence times, and included one Asian, one Mesoamerican, and one Hawaiian Cibotium species in the analyses.
Both Bower (1923-1928) and Copeland (1947) recognized the Osmundaceae, Schizaeaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Gleicheniaceae, Matoniaceae, and possibly Cyatheaceae as relatively primitive ("basal") filicaleans and the Marsileaceae and Salviniaceae as distinct, distantly related families of heterosporous ferns.