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A person who engages in cybercrime.
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And one thing that is immediately obvious is that the cybercriminal element is growing.
Cybercriminal Networks: Origin, Growth and Criminal Capabilities
Firewalls, antivirus and other security systems are inconvenient to the cybercriminal, but are not enough to stop a persistent threat.
This new class of professional cybercriminal spans the entire ecosystem of attackers, extending the reach of enterprise and consumer threats and fueling the growth of online crime.
Trend Micro Incorporated has unveiled its North American cybercriminal underground report, North American Underground: The Glass Tank, as part of its ongoing Deep Web/Cybercriminal Underground Economy Series (CUES) Program.
Other main trends in cybercriminal activity in 2015:
Cybercrime and the Cybercriminal Underground: This quarter's online banking malware volume significantly dropped from the end of 2013.
With Bitcoins in hand, a criminal can buy their way into being an incredibly effective cybercriminal, so we can expect to see cybercrime exponentially expand as both the supply and demand side of the markets are booming.
For instance, a vulnerability in a mobile device connected to a corporate network, once successfully exploited, could allow a cybercriminal access even if the other network segments are well protected.
Kshetri observes that cybercrime is a mainstream crime (cybercrimes have increased dramatically in terms of quantity, diversity, and sophistication): cybercrimes are among the most under-reported forms of criminality, and originates if the legitimate IT industry is too small to absorb available talents (cybercrimes targeting developing economies exhibit a concentration in e-commerce ready industries): the cybercrime landscape is changing in terms of hackers' monetary motives, some criminal organizations are skillful in carrying out cybercrime activities, (3) economic factors facing cybercriminal and cybercrime victims are different in developing and developed countries, whereas cybercrimes' financial benefits provide a positive economic feedback to cybercriminals.
In addition, it turned out the Russian-speaking cybercriminal community is now using a standard package consisting of two Trojans and the botnet controlled by them.
McAfee Labs also sees the direct correlation between device popularity and cybercriminal activity, a trend we expect to surge in 2011.