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A group of islands of southeast Greece in the southern Aegean Sea. The islands were the site of an early Bronze Age culture that is noted for its stylized figurines carved from white marble.

Cy·clad′ic (sĭ-klăd′ĭk) adj.


(Placename) of or relating to the Cyclades or their inhabitants
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The Project concerns the implementation of a subsea cable grid operated at 150 kV that will connect the main Cycladic islands Syros, Tinos, Mykonos and Paros with the mainland interconnected system of Greece.
Chapter 3 focuses on harvesting practices, as illustrated primarily through examples from the Cycladic island of Amorgos, with insights from observations elsewhere around the Mediterranean (e.
Over 90 ancient objects are on display including a remarkable Roman marble portrait of a Severan period woman, an exquisite Egyptian red glass head, a beautiful Greek Attic female head oinochoe, a substantial Egyptian wooden anthropomorphic sarcophagus lid, a graceful Cycladic Greek marble head, a haunting pair of Nazca trophy head vessels and a dazzling Inca gold mask.
But it also delves backwards and into the even more distant Cycladic, South Arabian and Scythian worlds, eastwards to embrace ancient China and Kofun-period Japan, and forwards to ancient Greece and to where the collection started, with European arms and armour.
This is a further step to ensuring security of electricity supply of the islands, following the EUR 65 mln agreement we signed in September to support the connection of the main Cycladic islands with the mainland interconnected system of Greece," said EIB's Hoyer.
There's plenty of budget accommodation in Mykonos Town, but if you're treating yourself, head out to the flashy, splashy beach resorts: beautiful, golden curls of sand backed by hills dotted with shining white Cycladic villas.
Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean with its sparkling Aegean blue sea and Cycladic white houses.
The village itself is in harmony with he Cycladic architecture of white washed cubic houses while the pebbled alleys will guide you through local shops, taverns and bars.
International business group, the Libra Group, is principal investor alongside Cycladic Group
But they also had different styles - Rodin was classically influenced while Moore's themes were anything from African and Oceanic to pre-Columbian and Cycladic (re the Greek Cyclades' islands in the Aegean Sea).
Her favourite gallery in the Louvre, she tells me, is the one with pre-classical Greek antiquities, Cycladic idols and vases from Rhodes.
For me, the white marble Cycladic heads of the third millennium BCE, with their long, prominent triangular noses, immediately come to mind.