Cycle of the moon

a period of 19 years, after the lapse of which the new and full moon returns to the same day of the year; - so called from Meton, who first proposed it.

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The deep ocean ends at the UK continental shelf and the time it takes for the tide to travel from there to the end of the estuary is the same as the cycle of the moon.
It was thought that if newlyweds drank mead or honey wine every evening for one month - the cycle of the moon - they would have a male heir within a year.
A strict programme of homeopathic sprays and meticulous observance of the cycle of the moon, stars and planets supplements an organic regime.
Easter Sunday can fall on 35 possible dates, between March 22 and April 25, depending on the cycle of the moon.
The date of Easter varies each year because it is determined not by our daily calendar but by the cycle of the moon, again a potent pagan symbol of fertility.
The cycle of the moon provides a comforting touchstone to home, and acts as temporal background to the journey.
After the ceremony the newlyweds would have to hide from her family for one full cycle of the moon and often drink honey wine - their honeymoon.
One buyer spent pounds 588,000 on a 1961 18-carat gold Patek Philippe model with perpetual calendar and moonphase - a rotating disc showing the cycle of the moon.
In the Western calendar, this coincides with the dark cycle of the moon that comes at the end of September or early October.
It is celebrated on a different date each year because the Islamic calendar is based on the 28 day cycle of the Moon.