Cycle of the sun

a period of 28 years, at the end of which time the days of the month return to the same days of the week. The dominical or Sunday letter follows the same order; hence the solar cycle is also called the cycle of the Sunday letter. In the Gregorian calendar the solar cycle is in general interrupted at the end of the century.

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The solar day is the light and the dark cycle of the sun setting and rising.
The role and cycle of the sun is captured in the sequences that illustrate the differing positions of light illuminating the dark interior.
Other activities included lectures on the life cycle of the sun, possibility of life beyond Earth and tips on how to view Mars - which in August will be at its closest proximity to Earth in centuries.
In early modern Europe the best way to measure the annual cycle of the sun was to construct a level line from south to north on the floor of a large dark building with a hole in its south wall or roof.
The scalability and long life cycle of the Sun servers enables U S WEST to create a foundation upon which customers will be able to build for at least the next 20 years.
Experts say, given the chance, our bodies naturally adjust to the light-dark cycle of the sun