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Greek Mythology Plural of Cyclops.
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Noun1.Cyclopes - only the silky anteater
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cyclopes didactylus, silky anteater, two-toed anteater - squirrel-sized South American toothless anteater with long silky golden fur
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The same thing holds good of Dithyrambs and Nomes; here too one may portray different types, as Timotheus and Philoxenus differed in representing their Cyclopes.
Bear in mind, however, that Neptune is still furious with Ulysses for having blinded an eye of Polyphemus king of the Cyclopes.
Of these three, Earth produces Heaven to whom she bears the Titans, the Cyclopes and the hundred-handed giants.
547-8): "'What kind of People, civil, or without Law, / Civil [dikaioi] or kinde to Strangers, godly or no,' he renders dikaioi [just] as "civil," repeating the word (as the Greek does not) in order to emphasize how the barbarous groups encountered by Odysseus, such as the Cyclopes, do not constitute civil societies" (389).
In the game, the fight with the Cyclopes is a boss battle.
Bakola: "The use of a boat prop to enact Odysseus's voyage to the island of the Cyclopes is thus entirely in line with the nature of comedy, and has justifiedly found favour with scholars since the first published editions of Cratinus' fragments" (239).
Texts and works studied include Synderesis, Hortus deliciarum, and Les Cyclopes.
During their trip, the three friends have bridged this gap, gaining a "stereoscopic" worldview; they have abandoned their Roman monocular perspective of Cyclopes to become Ulyssean voyagers, who can "compare one place with another, one society with another, one belief system with another" (Matteo xvii).
1986): Werewolves, cyclopes diberga and fianna: juvenile delinquency in early Ireland', Cambridge Medieval Celtic Studies 12, p.
The whole story is told through the eyes of a dreamer, a boy whose imagination knows no bounds - his mix of adventure and real history blurs with tales of cyclopes and feats of derring-do.
Before science fiction, people tended to fantasize about the future -- not unlike the way they imagined distant places, peopled by dog-headed Cynocephali, surly one-eyed Cyclopes and one-legged Unipeds.