Cylinder engine

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(Paper Making) a machine in which a cylinder takes up the pulp and delivers it in a continuous sheet to the dryers.

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The VQ engine, a V6 cylinder engine offering a lineup ranging from 2.
I think the forks broke because the two cylinder engine is heavier and put more pressure on them.
The engine is a smaller displacement version of traditional opposed six cylinder engine now found in all Porsche cars.
2-liter inline-six cylinder engine, the M3 is a real powerhouse of a compact car.
Both of these engines are derived from the Vortec 4200, an in-line six cylinder engine (that's used in the Chevy TrailBlazer).
Under the hood is a choice of a traditional and smooth running four cylinder engine with 16 valves and a peppy 150 horsepower.
There are two varieties of this sporty luxury car: The SC300 with 225-horsepower, 24-valve inline six cylinder engine, and the SC400 with 250-horsepower, 32-valve V-8 and the same V-8 as in the LS 400 sedan.
0-litre turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine that delivers 237bhp and 258lb-ft of torque, coupled with Porsche's PDK double-clutch transmission.
Four cylinder engines of model 102 for Mercedes cars and their equivalent have reached the price of $950, whereas the 104 model engines of six cylinders reached $2,000.
A convenient switch hidden in the battery compartment allows the user to select various settings, such as single cylinder engines, distributor-type and without distributor-type multi-cylinder engines.