Cylinder face

(Steam Engine) the flat part of a steam cylinder on which a slide valve moves.

See also: Face

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Surface average heat transfer at each face of the cylinder is obtained by integrating the local Nusselt number along the cylinder face.
This might give one the impression that the gun will fire them, but easily overlooked is the spacious gap between the cylinder face and the standing breech of the frame.
The serial number is stamped on the bottom of the grip bow, and the last 2 digits of the number are stamped on the center-pin tab, trigger, safety-latch and cylinder face.
It was fitted with a lockup at the cylinder face, one at the end of the ejector rod, and the third was a rock-solid bolt and notch that locked the yoke into the frame at the rear of the heavy ejector-rod shroud that gave the revolver its unique look.
As you cut back the rear end of the barrel and measure the gap between the barrel and cylinder face with a feeler gauge, you definitely don't want to get a false measurement because of cylinder fouling.
Among them will be a stipled backstrap, Big Dot front sight, bobbed hammer and contoured trigger, "black powder" chamfer of the cylinder face and a DA-only pull of 8-10 pounds.
In addition, using a magnetic cylinder made of steel for hot stamping means that temperature will vary over the cylinder face and heat loss will be relatively high during runs.
For removing bum rings from the cylinder face of a stainless Ruger GP100 Match Champion, I found scrubbing with a PrOlix soaked steel brush removed the "bulk of the black," but resorted to a Birchwood Casey Lead Remover & Polishing Cloth for final touch-up.
It is important with any revolver that the cylinder face is perfectly squared so that the cylinder gap is consistent on all chambers.
It also works very well removing the deposits of carbon and such left on the breech face, inside the cylinder window and on the cylinder face.