cylinder seal

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cyl′inder seal`

(esp. in ancient Mesopotamia) a small cylinder carved with the seal of a king or other authority and rolled upon a clay document as an official signature.
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The complete skeleton of a horse was discovered there and among the bones "a beautifully carved cylinder seal of haematite" was found, believed to be of Syrian origin.
Standard features: Jacketed day tanks with electric agitators and level control, closed-loop metering-cylinder control, cylinder seal lubrication, process-monitoring system, mixhead hydraulic system, abrasive-use rates straight type mixhead, Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC with Panelview 600 operator interface, 100 pour-time settings, modem service support.
When it comes to resiliency, cylinder seal elastomers can encounter brittleness and shrinkage, as well as different rates of thermal expansion and contraction for adjoining materials.
Among the latest discoveries was a Mesopotamian-style cylinder seal, which was used to roll pictures onto surfaces, featuring the God of water and the Goddess Lama.
According to Honda, a failure in a brake master cylinder seal could cause brake fluid to leak and cause the brake to lose stopping power.
Place tuna lengthwise in center of couscous Roll plastic wrap lightly around couscous mixture to form cylinder Seal each end of cylinder securely and refrigerate one lean work, surface plastic wrap Arrange avocado that they overlap slightly, are the same length as couscous cylinder and four times as wide Unwrap couscous cylinder and place lengthwise in center of avocado Slices Roll plastic wrap lightly around avocado mixture to form cylinder Seat each end of cylinder securely and refrigerate until chilled Remove plastic wrap and sprinkle roulade with black onion seeds.
Abu Dhabi, March 2 (ANI): An archaeological team has found an ancient stone cylinder seal in UAE (United Arab Emirates) dating back to the beginning of the local Bronze Age, around 5,000 years ago.
And lest his point be lost on any readers, Read chose to illustrate his cylinder seal alongside reproductions of Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase" and a Futurist painting by Giacomo Balla.
The building and votive inscriptions (including some predating the Third Dynasty of Ur) are listed and discussed, as is the evidence for building history and for chronology, obtainable from other finds such as inscribed clay tablets, ceramics, terracottas and cylinder seal impressions.
A ceramic cylinder seal and greenstone plaque fragments found at San Andres--in the state of Tabasco on the Gulf of Mexico--date from 650 B.
Another significant find was a haematite cylinder seal which Fischer is convinced is Cypriot as another one was found at Kition.