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 (kĭm′rĭk, sĭm′-)
Of or relating to the Cymry.
See Welsh.


(ˈkɪmrɪk) or


1. (Languages) the Welsh language
2. (Languages) the Brythonic group of Celtic languages
3. (Breeds) a breed of medium-sized cat with soft semi-long hair
4. (Peoples) of or relating to the Cymry, any of their languages, Wales, or the Welsh
5. (Languages) of or relating to the Cymry, any of their languages, Wales, or the Welsh
6. (Placename) of or relating to the Cymry, any of their languages, Wales, or the Welsh


(wɛlʃ, wɛltʃ)

also welch

v.i. Sometimes Offensive.
1. to fail to pay what is owed (often fol. by on): welshed on his gambling debts.
2. to go back on one's word (often fol. by on): to welsh on a promise.
[1855–60; perhaps special use of Welsh]
welsh′er, n.
usage.: Though any relationship between the words welsh “to renege” and Welsh referring to inhabitants or natives of Wales is uncertain, many people of Welsh origin find welsh to be offensive. Words such as renege or swindle can be substituted if desired.


(wɛlʃ, wɛltʃ)
1. (used with a pl. v.)
a. the inhabitants of Wales.
b. natives of Wales or persons of Welsh ancestry living outside Wales.
2. the Celtic language of Wales, now spoken mainly in the W and N parts.
3. of or pertaining to Wales, its inhabitants, or the language Welsh.
[before 900; Middle English Welische, Old English Welisc, derivative of Walh Briton, foreigner (compare Latin Volcae a Gallic tribe); c. German welsch foreign, Italian]
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Noun1.Cymric - a Celtic language of Wales
Brittanic, Brythonic - a southern group of Celtic languages
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
References in classic literature ?
Ossian, you remember, was supposed to live in the third century, but the oldest Cymric poets whose names we know were supposed to live in the sixth century.
The English still spoke English, and the British Welsh or Cymric.
Mr Owens is a keen footballer and plays for college side Y Geltaidd in Aberystwyth and Y Cymric in Cardiff, as well as being a Wales supporter who followed his country at Euro 2016 in France.
Fly this flag, the only flag that can represent Cymric sovereignty and independence, proud and high on this most important of dates in our historic calender.
The far more sought-after wares are from the similar Cymric ranges, made of silver.
Although drawn out wide in stall seven, Frankie Dettori was quick to get the easy-to-back 6-1 chance over to the running rail and slot in behind the pacemaking Cymric as both his chief market rivals, French Guineas winner The Gurkha and his Curragh conqueror Awtaad, held positions near to the rear of the field.
What William Buick has to say to Golden Horn's trainer John Gosden after he returns from riding Cymric in the day's opening Breeders' Cup race could have considerable significance.
A 'LIBERTY & Co' silver Cymric mantel clock exceeded all expectations, reaching a hammer price of more than ten times its estimate in a Birmingham auction.
The winner, Cymric, is now rated 95 having since finished third in the Acomb Stakes at York and won a conditions race.
Another interesting pattern races is the Group 3 Acomb Stakes for two-year-olds where two Dubai-owned juveniles, Adventurous and Cymric, look to have leading claims.
A Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society gold medal awarded when he was a lieutenant of the White Star liner Cymric.
Knox gained world recognition at the 1899 Arts and Crafts exhibition where Liberty's showcased his Cymric line of silverware and plate.