Cynodon dactylon

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Noun1.Cynodon dactylon - trailing grass native to Europe now cosmopolitan in warm regionsCynodon dactylon - trailing grass native to Europe now cosmopolitan in warm regions; used for lawns and pastures especially in southern United States and India
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
Cynodon, genus Cynodon - creeping perennial grasses of tropical and southern Africa
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Dhania/Coriander; Apiaceae: Aphis crasccivora, Aphis gossypii, Aulocorthum solani and Hyadaphis coriandri, Cynodon dactylon (L.
In the official website, producer has shared some of the ingredients, embedded in gel's composition - cynodon dactylon extract, filipendula formosa extract, slix alba bark extract, alcanna tinctoria root extract, symphytum officinale root extract and taraxacum officinale root extract.
The remaining six species (Calotis cuneifolia, Cynodon dactylon var.
Nas camadas de 0-0,10m e 0,10-0,20m a Urochloa brizantha apresentou a maior DR em relacao as demais especies, bem como apresentou o maior VR, CR e AR em relacao ao Paspalum notatum e Cynodon dactylon (Tabela III).
And the less prevalent of Calendula tripterocarpa, Setaria viridis, Eleusine indica, Nepeta cabiata, Physalis somnifera, Solanum nigrum,and Cynodon dactylon and the value weeds were 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, and 19 respectively (Table 2).
For Wai Khru, the traditional offerings stand for symbolism of student qualities, such as Ixora flowers, which when closed form pointed buds, symbolising sharp wit; Cynodon Dactylon, the rapid growth and resilience of which symbolise perseverance and the ability to learn; Ropped rice, which symbolises discipline; and Eggplant Flowers, which bow low when nearing fruition, thereby symbolising respect and humility.
tabaci were Portulaca oleracea, Polygonum plebejum and Echinochloa colona; whereas Cyperus rotundus was moderately preferred and Trianthema monogyna, Cynodon dactylon, Digera arvensis and Corchorus antichorus were the least preferred weed plants.
To test this hypothesis, a field trial was executed to evaluate the effect of natural plant extracts on growth, physiology and quality of Cynodon dactylon under summer stress by following Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) having three replicates.
The salt secretion physiology of the Chloridoid grass, Cynodon dactylon (L) Pers and its implications.
Cynodon dactylon is a type of perennial grass that possesses great medicinal values.
INTRODUCTION: Cynodon dactylon pers (CD) is a perennial weedy grass distributed all over the world including most parts of India (1).
More than 90% frequency was estimated for the 9 taxa Alternanthera sessilis, Achyranthes aspera, Bauhinia variegata, Cassia alata, Cynodon dactylon, Lemna acquinoctialis Mikania indica, Mimosa pudica, and Trema orientalis, while Parthenium hysterophorus, Mallotus philippensis, Enhydra fluctuans, Echinochloa crusgalli, Commelina bengalensis, Bauhinia variegata, Crotalaria pallida, and the fern Ampelopteris prolifera either touched 90% or was very close to it.