Cynopterus sphinx

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Noun1.Cynopterus sphinx - a variety of fruit eating bat
fruit bat, megabat - large Old World bat of warm and tropical regions that feeds on fruit
Cynopterus, genus Cynopterus - a genus of Megachiroptera
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bats trapped (%) Bat species Cat Tien National Park Cynopterus sphinx * 0/0 Hipposideros armiger ([dagger]) 2/6 Hipposideros larvatui ([dagger]) 3/5 Megaerops niphanae * 0/0 Megaderma spasma ([dagger]) 0/0 Megaderma lyra ([double dagger]) 1/1 Rhinolophus acuminatus ([dagger]) 0/0 Rhinolophus chaseli ([dagger]) 2/5 Rhinolophus sinicus ([dagger]) 0/3 Rhinolophus luctus ([dagger]) 0/1 Total 8/21 (38.
Has three subtypes: Pteropus Giganteous (Indian Flying Fox), Rousettus Leschenaulti (Fulvous Fruit Bat) and Cynopterus Sphinx (Greater Short- Nosed Fruit Bat).
Min Tan of the Guangdong Entomological Institute in Guangzhou, China, conducted the study on short-nosed fruit bat Cynopterus sphinx, found in south-east Asia.