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The effect of sucrose on apogamy in Cyrtomium falcatum.
Nine species were found which represent state records for non-native taxa including Bidens pilosa, Cyrtomium fortunei, Hosta sp.
Check out Polypodium cambricum, the native Blechnum spicant and Cyrtomium fortunei.
Xylem anatomy, water flow, and hydraulic conductance in the fern Cyrtomium falcatum.
2011), including Cyrtomium (Chandra and Nayar, 1970; Guo and Yu, 2009), Phanerophlebia (Mendoza-Ruiz and Perez-Garcia, 2003) and Polystichum (Chandra and Nayar, 1970; Atkinson, 1973; Pangua et al.
Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae) is a monophyletic genus with the inclusion of a few satellite genera and part of Cyrtomium (Little and Barrington, 2003; Li et al.
Ferns cultivated in California: Cyrtomium, Onychium, Stenochlaena.