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a.1.(Biol.) Of or pertaining to cytogenesis or cell development.
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Cytogenic and molecular studies of male infertility in cases of Y chromosome balanced reciprocal translocation.
There is no case for placing Crassostrea gigas in a new genus on the basis of its known morphology; to do so would require a much more comprehensive morphometric analysis, as well as more compelling molecular and cytogenic data and wider geographic sampling (e.
They cover plant breeding under adverse conditions of acid soils, horticultural crop science, ecological peculiarities of the foothills of the northern Caucasus: cytogenic anomalies of the local human population, phenogenetic studies of cultivated plants and biological properties of the seeds, anthropogenic pressure on environmental and plant diversity, and methods for evaluating the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of selection samples.
There are currently no clear indications regarding the surveillance and initiation of treatment for small choroidal melanocytic lesions and with the recent understanding that cytogenic findings are among the main prognostic factors for uveal melanoma patients in terms of metastatic disease, biopsies are increasingly performed following diagnosis.
Cytogenic effects can be studied either in whole animals (in vivo) or in cells grown in culture (in vitro).
Cytogenic edema and the release of free glutamate potentiate oxidant activity by overwhelming mitochondrial energy through glutamate-induced excitotoxicity and inducing a state of oxidative stress [19, 20].
Pooled analysis of clinical and cytogenic features in treatment-related and de novo adult acute myeloid leukemia consecutive series of 761 patients analyzed 1976-1993 and on 5098 unselected cases reported in the literature 19742001.
Cytogenic analysis reveals clonal proliferation of smooth muscle cells in atherosclerotic plaques.
In addition, the Mexican sprayers had higher mean sister chromatic exchanges and chromosome translocations than those who were nonexposed (n = 31), suggesting that cytogenic effects may be associated with EBDC exposure (Steenland et al.
Haematological and cytogenic studies in workers occupationally exposed to Cement dust.
Cytogenic analysis should be performed on the products of conception in all patients with RPL.