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The internal framework of a eukaryotic cell, composed of protein filaments that provide structural support and drive the movement of the cell and its internal components, typically divided into three categories (microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules) based on the diameter and composition of the filaments.

cy′to·skel′e·tal (-ĭ-tl) adj.


of or relating to a cytoskeleton
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Other topics include diffuse-interface capturing methods for compressible two-phase flows, slamming: recent developments in evaluating impact pressures, intracellular fluid mechanics: coupling cytoplasmic flow with active cytoskeletal gel, the sound of flow over rigid walls, and supersonic combustion in air-breathing propulsion systems for hypersonic flight.
Filaggrin helps to aggregate the cytoskeletal proteins that form the cornified cell envelope.
Targeting cancer cell integrins using gold nanorods in photothermal therapy inhibits migration through affecting cytoskeletal proteins.
The drip loss in fresh meat is believed to be influenced by the genetics, rate of post mortem pH decline and stress [2], and structurally originates from the shrinkage of myofibrils, the permeability change of the cell membrane and the cytoskeletal protein degradation [1].
It is well established that the cytoskeletal microtubules network play a key role in the morphogenesis of the plant cell wall by guiding the organisation of new cell wall material.
More than three hundred years later, engineers, scientists, and doctors are still trying to pick apart the nuts-and-bolts of skeletal and muscle movements and figure out how the actions of motor and cytoskeletal proteins such as actin and myosin lead to the contraction of muscle fibers, hoping a molecular understanding of motion may lead to new therapies and treatments for muscular disorders.
Arabidopsis Actin-Depolymerizing Factor-4 links pathogen perception, defense activation and transcription to cytoskeletal dynamics.
Additionally, previous findings in our lab suggest a link between schizophrenia and abnormal cytoskeletal dynamics.
Like a muscle, a cell is able to contract itself, increasing its internal pressure and causing the cell membrane to locally tear away from the underlying cytoskeletal scaffold.
Furthermore, cytoskeletal damage in vitro was demonstrated after the impact of 16 MPa (120 000 mmHg) on a human renal carcinoma cell line [8].
Cardiac myosin is the cytoskeletal motor protein in the cardiac muscle cell that is directly responsible for converting chemical energy into the mechanical force resulting in cardiac contraction.