Russian Empire

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Russian Empire

1. (Historical Terms) the tsarist empire in Asia and E Europe, overthrown by the Russian Revolution of 1917
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the tsarist empire in Asia and E Europe, overthrown by the Russian Revolution of 1917


(ˈrʌʃ ə)

1. Also called Russian Empire . Russian, Rossiya. a former empire in E Europe and N and W Asia: overthrown by the Russian Revolution 1917. Cap.: St. Petersburg (1703–1917).
4. a republic extending from E Europe to N and W Asia. 146,393,569; 6,592,849 sq. mi. (17,075,400 sq. km.). Cap: Moscow. Official name, Russian Federation. Also called Rus′sian Repub′lic. Formerly (1918–91), Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.
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nCa : Some analysts, including we at nCa, believe that the Wakhan Corridor actually belongs to Pakistan and it was given to Amir Abdul Rehman on custodianship to create the buffer zone between the British India and Czarist Russia.
During the years of czarist Russia and the Soviet Union, Sevastopol was closed off to foreigners and even Crimean Tatars due to the presence of the naval forces and shipyards there.
Doctor Zhivago'' is the tale of five intertwined lovers set during final days of Czarist Russia and the 1917 Revolution.
But suspicion of Moscow runs deep in Poland, which was ruled by Czarist Russia for over a century and under Soviet domination for over four decades after World War Two.
The complication is that Czarist Russia built its railroads to a wider gauge than the rest of the world, so no European invaders could just drive across the border.
Review Production: Fiddler on the Roof (Longwood Amateur Operatic Society) Venue: Lawrence Batley Theatre Review: William Marshall THIS famous show is set in a Jewish village in Czarist Russia that is stifled from within by its own suffocating traditions and threatened from without by the everimminent possibility of racial persecution.
If nothing changes, Ginsberg may have the opportunity to see our democratic republic become like czarist Russia, where the poor people lost out.
Balfour, who gave his name to the fateful 1917 declaration, was an earnest supporter of the 1905 Alien Act, which was specifically designed to stem the inflow into Britain of Jews fleeing from persecution in czarist Russia.
The Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions have historically been flashpoints at the vortex of three former empires--Ottoman, Persian and czarist Russia.
Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be trying to reassemble the 19th-century map of Czarist Russia by holding on to Crimea, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and other parts of the old empire at all costs.
The miraculous journey from the shtetl to America of the remaining teacup from a china tea set, deliberately left behind when her Jewish ancestors were forced to leave Czarist Russia, will strike an emotional chord with readers.
Conrad and Mann explored the despotic pathology of Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany, and embodied contemporary political events in their tormented characters.