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or Pil·sner  (pĭlz′nər, pĭls′-) also pil·sen·er or Pil·sen·er (pĭl′zə-nər, -sə-, pĭlz′nər, pĭls′-)
1. A light, golden lager having a strong flavor of hops.
2. A tall, thin, footed beer glass.

[German Pilsner, Pilsener, of Pilsen (Plzeň), Czech Republic, where the beer was first brewed.]
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Noun1.Pilsener - a pale lager with strong flavor of hopsPilsener - a pale lager with strong flavor of hops; first brewed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen
lager beer, lager - a general term for beer made with bottom fermenting yeast (usually by decoction mashing); originally it was brewed in March or April and matured until September


, Pilsner
n (beer)Pils(e)ner nt
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Silver: Triumph Czech Pilsener, Triumph Brewing Co.
FACING stiff opposition from the traditional Indian meal partner, Czech Pilsener lager, the 'ultimate curry beer' is a break from the norm, being more of an Export style affair.
Our Czech Pilsener is the purest of beers, in our eyes," Petras says.

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